About 13122 paypal errors.

UPDATE: Some customers suggested that when paying buyer should accept new terms and conditions. (paypal seems to introduce new terms and conditions in some regions and prevent customer from buying if they don’t agree with the new terms and conditions) When your get into paypal, it will be missed if you are not careful. Then please empty your cache file or login with private mode

New Update : We just reported current issue to Paypal customer service. Hopefully, we will get an answer soon.

New Update : Paypal customer center replied that they are fully aware of the issue and they will answer with tech team by 6:00 PM KST today (July 20th) or it will take two days. (until 7/22)

Currently, some transactions are rejected by paypal with the violation of 13122 of errors (about 10% – 20% of overall transactions)

Your payment will be reversed soon. So, please dont worry about refund. It will be all reversed. However, we couldn’t find the root cause of that transaction denial (currently paypal is denying some transactions

It is not with the Website but paypal is keep denying some transactions. They might changed some policy today (still 80% of people are good with tractions but the other 20% of customers are keep denied by paypal)

We will contact paypal and solve it soon. Sorry about inconvenices.


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