BTS lucky draw pre-orders start to be shipped today!

150 copies of powerstation lucky draws arrived yesterday and remaining 600 copies are in-transit. (They are scheduled to arrive today or tomorrow) So we will start shipping all BTS lucky draw photocards from today. (Augutst 8th)

Currently, we have about 200 pre-orders. We will finish shipping them all by tomorrow (Thursday, August 8th) if fast or at least by Friday (August 9th). After complete shipping all pre-orders, we will list remaining 700-800 copies of Sound-wave, M2U, and powerstation lucky draws.

Thus, in-stock lucky draw photo cards will be listed on Thursday (August 5th) or Friday (August 6th) but since it seems that remaing 600 powerstaion lucky draws would arrive tomorrow. It will be more likely to be listed on Friday (August 6th)

Price will be similar to pre-orders. However, due to huge demands of Jungkook photocards. It will be a bit more expensive and this time all the photo cards will be sold individually not as a group.

Thank you for your patience!


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