Delayed Shipment Notice!

Dear Customers,

We have encountered an unexpected huge volume of orders yesterday (Jan 13th) mainly due to Enhypen Photocards.

Moreover, we have more items to list today (Jan 14th Friday, KST)

So, we are planning to ship orders until 4pm KST today and after that we will prepare new items listing which takes more than 6~7 hours.

Thus, we can’t process all the orders received during 13th (mainly Enhypen photocard orders) because we don’t have enough time to pack and ship them all

For remaining unfulfilled orders will be processed at least until next Tuesday (Jan 18th)

So, you shouldn’t worry about your unprocessed orders.

We will email you as soon as the item in your order shipped, or you can check it on your order status.

Sorry about the delayed shipping, we will try as hard as possible and our current estimate is that we will ship them all

within the next 3~4 business (except Saturday and Sunday) days.

Thank you!


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