Enhypen Lucky Draw Round 2 will be listed as in-stock items.

Hello, currently we just secured M2U, PST, Sound Wave lucky Draw Round 1 Photo cards. Thus, we now shipping all pre-orders first. Then, we will list in-stock Enhypen round 1 lucky draw photocards today (Oct 28) as soon as we finish shipping pre-orders. 

For, Enhypen Lucky Draw round 2, of course we will order them on this Friday (Oct 29th). HOWEVER, WE WON’T LIST ITEMS AS PRE-ORDERS. Instead, we will list them as in-stock items as soon as we actually get those items on hand. So, all you need is just wait a little time until we actually secure items on hand. 

If you have any questions, please contact admin@my-cst.com

Thank you 



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