This Singed album give away events starts from now (2021-04-08) to   (2021-04-24)

We are going to distribute 3 WJSN signed albums, 2 Purple Kiss signed albums, 2 Bae173, and 1 T1419 album to winners.

The reason why this event is holding two weeks event is that it will be a review event, so customers might need time

to order and receive items (with FedEx item will arrive in 2-5 days after the order)

So, far we held a free giveaway event for forum members but this time we will hold an event for our customers.

We will count reviews and the people who did the most reviews probably get 1st place.

However, we also check the review quality either.



The top 8 people who do have the highest overall review posting score during this will get a free signed album.

And each winner can choose thier preference and we will accommodate each winner’s preference

but if 1~3rd winner all choose WJSN then 4th winner cannot choose WJSN.

Winners will be announced here on 2021-04-25 and I will send the item to FedEx express for free

(will take only 2~3 days to almost all the world, however,

if you live in South America, the Middle East, Africa, or suburbs of Australia, an additional $30 shipping fee will be requested)

Thank you!


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