Important notice about BTS Lucky Draws on Friday.

Hello, thank you for your interest in purchasing Lucky Draw MDs


The last time when we sell lucky draws, they were sold out almost in a day and this time we will purchase about $20000 amount of albums for lucky draws. Thus, we will probably get 200 photocards from each company.


However, since I was backlashed a lot for selling with different pricing and there is no way to sell some members without different pricing. I will sell them as a set as many as possible.

Also, I will explain to you in detail about the price and how we will make a profit. Each Album will cost around $45~7 because they charge full album price without any discount.

Also, we have to add labor fees and Paypal transaction fees. So, $50 will occur on each album. I will get the profit margin from proceeds of the album sales to the wholesaler.

(Currently, the album’s resale price to the wholesaler drops down a lot.It is $15 per each and that will be our profit portion per each)


To avoid different pricing I will sell them as a 8 card set (M2U and SoundWave) and its price will be $400 ($50 X 8 photocards including group pc).

Any leftover photocards after making the full set will be sold  individually.


All the set items will be sent with FedEx with full insurance and signature confirmation, so the least amount I can put is as value for customs is $99 with the sample,

so if you are living in a country where customs are strict, please be prepared to pay a tax of at least for the portion of $99.


 And most importantly, we will not compensate for scratches or minor defects.

Sound-Wave already notified that they will not change items with minor scratches and M2U didn’t say that but it will be hard to exchange photocard for scratches.

We will try as hard as possible for changing those defects but we can’t guarantee 100% defect-free items due to the nature of a plastic non-glossy photocard.



           Around 17~18 set will be ready for each company and its price is very expensive since we are going to sell as an 8-member set.

So, please read through all the explanations above before purchase. It will be listed around 7-8 PM Friday (KST) Thank you!

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