Important Notice about upcoming BTS Butter Lucky Draw Photocards!



Firstly, Our store always appreciate your support of our website.


BTS butter lucky draw event will start at July 23rd Friday and as always, we are planning to get all three versions of Lucky Draws (Powerstaion, M2U, and Sound-Wave). However, this time there is no offline sales of lucky draws due to covid 19, so we are going to order online.

A lot of customers asking me whether we are going to sell them as a group or individually but this time we will sell them both ways. So, you can get what you want. However, more individual card will be sold.

Also, We will sell only photocards again. It is because shipping fee gets high after covid 19, and if I send one album internationally with full protection at least $30 shipping fee needed. Moreover, shipping fee goes up exponentially as album count goes up.

For price wise, it will be cheaper than prior BTS BE Essential Version Lucky Draws since they 3 Lucky Draws are given per set.

For selling date, we need your help. We have not decided either we sell them as a pre-order (only 60% – 70% of my total order since we can’t expect the exact member portion of my lucky draw photocards the others will be sold later when I get them on hand) or sell them when we physically have them as always. Also, if we take a pre-order, we need to decide whether we start taking pre-order on Monday (July 17th), or Friday (July 23rd) after fully securing orders.

We will open the survey on the opinion poll section.  Please take part in the poll. If survey participant numbers are less than 20, we will decide on our own.


Here is the Link –

Survey Link


Thank you!

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