Important Notice of BTS ‘Butter’ Lucky Draw In-Stock Sales.

Hello, this is CST-KPOP. Thank you for shopping from our site.

We successfully secured 2150 BTS lucky Draws from all three companies (750 each) . Currently about 1450 Lucky Draws sold as pre-orders. So remaining 700 Lucky Draws will be sold when we have items actually in stock.

Here is the process. After we getting Lucky Draws from all three companies, we are going to send pre-orders first. After taking care of all 1450 pre-orders, remaining 700 cards will be listed and sold as in stock items. (150 Powerstaion Lucky draws could arrive later, so they could be replenished a few days after listing)

So, it is extremely difficult to make an announcement of the specific date and time of listing Lucky Draw in-stock items. Firstly, we have to wait until albums from all three companies should arrive. Also, since we have more than 300 orders of BTS lucky draws, it might take several days to ship them all. Thus, it is physically impossible to predict the exact date and time of listing in stock items.

Also, we cannot combine current pre-orders with future in-stock items, because we have to send pre-orders first and list remaining items as in-stock. Or it will make extremely confused and difficult to process orders.

Thus, if we make an announcement of BTS in-stock sales, it will be only few hours before listing. So, please check announcement frequently.

For pricewise, in-stock items will be similar to pre-orders. However, there will be some adjustment of JK photocards and some power station items due to their demand and scarcity.

Thank you

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