Sound-Wave and M2U BTS Lucky Draw pre-orders will start shipping from today (30th July)

Hello customers!

We got full copies of Sound Wave and M2U BTS Lucky Draw photocards.

So, we will start shipping today if you only have sound wave and m2u orders.

However, Powerstation is still on its way. So, if you have powerstation Lucky draw pre-orders it will be postponed until next week. Sorry about delay.

For remaining some portion of Sound-wave and M2U photocards, I will sell in Bunjang (번개장터) first until we got powerstation photocards. Our employee’s bunjang id is “자전거유”. If you have Korean address and can transfer money into Korean bank account, you can purchase from Bunjang. (The employee can’t command English well, so please use easy English ) So, we don’t have much remaining sound-wave and m2u stocks when we sell in-stock items here.

Thank you!

P.S : I just heard the announcement (30th July) from Powerstation that they found some defect on their photocards so they will back order their photocards and they will arrive on August 4th. So, it might take more than two weeks to get their photocards.

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