10% discount event for five days (From Sep 29 – Oct 4th)

Hello Customers!

On last Korean Thanksgiving (Chuseok) Sales event, surprisingly only around 60 percent of customers used discount code. The other 40 percent of customers just purchased items without discount coupons.

So, our team should look for other ways to discount items for upcoming Big Black Friday Sales in November. Thus, we implemented the whole new discount program which doesn’t need any discount coupons but directly deducts from items’ price.

To test this program, we implemented 10% discount event and this test event will last for five days (effective now – Oct 4th).

(Testing prolongs until Monday not Sunday because Monday is Korean National Holiday)

If your order is placed today (Sep 29th) right before this sales and your item is not shipped yet. Please, leave a message on the customer service. We will refund you 10% of the item price via paypal (if your payment is done with credit card it will take 5~7 business days to re-credit.)

This event will not apply for most of pre-orders.

Also, if this discount is not working properly, please contact us.

Our email address is admin@my-cst.com

Thank you

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