Website is currently Under Renovation.

Hello Customers, This is CST-KPOP

Our Website is currently under renovation to modify the site design faster and more intuitively.

And it will protect the site and your personal data with a better security system.

Renovation periods just started on May 30th.

During this reconstruction period, you can still purchase items and all your data and purchase history will be 100% secured.

Also, we will minimize the inconvenience of customers when buying items and your order will be processed in a timely manner

(Usually, your orders will be shipped in the next business day even if we are under renovation)

However, there could be some pause of the site (a few mins to less than an hour) due to new implements and re-design of the site. Also some content issues such as broken pages, fonts, etc.

So, please understand if the site pauses for several minutes from time to time.

We will finish out site renovation and redesign by the June 4th (Friday)


Thank you for your kind understanding.

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